Plan for Afghanistan

Micah Liverpool, like everybody else has been keeping an eye on the situation in Afghanistan over the past few weeks and along with being appalled with the treatment if Afghanistan nationals we have been worried about how our services specifically our foodbank could be affected.

Pre Covid 82% of the food parcels Micah Liverpool provided went to refugees or asylum seekers. During Covid, with the lack of movement between countries and with the increased pressure to locals caused by lockdowns seen that number drop to 60% in 2020. Given we gave over 14,000 parcels in 2020 that means we still provided well over 8400 parcels to refugees or asylum seekers. Micah Liverpool food bank provide a last line of support to those who come to this country for safety and it will be no different for those asylum seekers and refugees that will inevitably end up at our foodbank come to the UK over the next week to 3 months from Afghanistan.

Though the national government are committing to supporting 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan, we know that we will see numbers greater than that enter this country to claim asylum. Micah Liverpool is preparing for an onslaught of new refugees and asylum seekers in 2021 and beyond. With reference to these we a putting out a plea to our supporters for additional help. You can go to as well as we have created a specific donations list of our most needed items and items we fear we will run short of when we have increased numbers of refugees and asylum seekers.

A shopping list


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