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Newsletter – Feb 2023







10 Year Anniversary

Valentine’s Day is a particularly memorable day for us this year. As it marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of our first food bank at St Bride’s church in Lpool 8. Originally set up by Hope+ (later renamed Micah Liverpool) it opened its doors on 14 February 2013. Its mission to relieve Liverpool residents from social injustice and poverty. Since that time it has grown from a small grassroots social action project to become one of the largest food banks in the country. Regularly distributing upwards of 250 food parcels each week. While it is only right that we should mark the occasion, it is also sobering to think that food banks are still very much needed a decade later. So we would like to use this opportunity to give thanks for all the help and support we’ve received during this time. Thank you to all our benefactors especially Liverpool Cathedral, the Metropolitan Cathedral and all at St Bride’s. Thank you to all our donors who give so generously to our cause. And thank you to all our volunteers without whom we simply could not do what we do… It’s these people who have ensured that our work has endured for the past ten years. Passion, commitment and hard work ultimately has led to ten years of social justice.


Goodbye Danielle

This week we say goodbye to our Recruitability Programme Lead, Danielle. Danielle joined Micah Liverpool in December 2021 and in her relatively short time with us has had a huge impact on the charity, the team and the people she has supported. Recruited towards the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, Danielle’s first job was to re-establish the Recruitability Programme and build back links with partners in the community. Being a social butterfly, Danielle quickly achieved this and was able to relaunch the recruitability project in March 2022. In the past 9/10 months Danielle has supported 40 new programme participants and helped 8 people back in to employment which is excellent work. We will miss Danielle, but our loss is the NHS’s gain. We wish her every success in her new role. We will welcome you back for a chat and coffee when you get the chance. Good Luck!


Volunteers Wanted

Micah Liverpool is looking to recruit more volunteers for all of our food aid activity. We run four projects Tuesday to Friday between 10.30 and 12.30 and are looking for people who would like to get involved and give something back to their communities. We are also asking for people who have language skills to apply for volunteering roles as we support such a diverse range of people. We have multiple roles including foodbank volunteer, community market volunteer, administration volunteer and stores person volunteer. If you think you can support Micah Liverpool in any of those roles and would like to find out more contact Paul O’Brien via or call 07932842337

Easter on horizon

This year Easter falls on 9th April and we are inviting additional donations so that we can give all of the children who attend our foodbanks an Easter egg as a special treat. We will also be in need of extra food donations as all foodbanks see a rise in demand during the school holidays. At the moment we are in need of some basic provisions such as tinned fish, tinned tomatoes and dried goods like noodles/pasta. If you are a school or church who can organise a food collection around Easter then Micah would welcome this donation. Lent begins 22nd February and we ask that if you are observing Lent that you hold Micah Liverpool and all the people we support in your thoughts and prayers during this time.   Donate here.


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