A look back at Volunteers Week 2019


Last week Micah Liverpool celebrated volunteer week by asking our board members to come along and spend the day with one of our volunteers. Over half of our board got involved and showed their commitment to celebrating our volunteer’s great work. Running employability programmes, 3 community markets (soon to be 4) and 2 foodbank pantry sessions would not be possible without our Micah Liverpool Volunteers.

We estimate that each week we have upward of 45 volunteers that donate over 180 hours per week to Micah Liverpool and as well as that a lot of our volunteers turn up to their volunteer session with a donation whether it be toothbrushes & toothpaste for food parcels or fresh milk so we can all have a decent cuppa.
Our board members were blown away by the organisation and work rate showed by our volunteers.

“At the beginning of the day there was a busy, productive atmosphere as food arrived and volunteers began the process of sorting and bagging the food and toiletries. Everyone was aware of what needed to be done. It was well organised and there was a great team spirit.”
Having our board members spend time with our volunteers gave the opportunity to learn why our volunteers give up their time

“I learned a lot about what motivated him to begin working with Foodbank. I learned his profession and the volunteering opportunities that both he and his wife took up. David was knowledgeable and experienced in working with the food bank.” Its was also a chance to see the way our volunteers support the people who use are service and the skills they have; “Everyone receives a warm and friendly welcome and most importantly Pam showed great skill at engaging with everyone and interpreting their needs. We spoke to people from China, Syria, Vietnam and Liverpool to name a few. Sometimes language was a barrier but there always seemed to be a way of understanding each other.”

“David greeted people warmly, shook hands and asked appropriate questions – carefully ensuring he understood how to pronounce names and asking about food preferences [e.g. Halal] and culture/religion to ensure an appropriate greeting and that everyone got the food they needed. David was adept at completing the forms; for first timers he ushered them gently in the right direction to get food and explained about the second visit. For those on the 4th and last visit he explained what was available after the food bank and gave leaflets appropriately. Signposting people to St Vincent’s and St Michael in the City for ongoing support”


Our volunteers are what make our services so special and the reason people return over and over to us. “For anyone interested in volunteering I would describe it as a great team to work in. The Foodbank is in high demand and provides help for people who are in great need. You will make a big difference” if you think you have the time and skills to make a big difference contact Carly Williams on Carly.williams@liverpoolcathedral.org.uk or call 01517027206 to find more about volunteering with Micah Liverpool.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank those board members who come along to the Micah Liverpool activity to support our volunteers but most of all I would like to thank our superb volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you!


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