On Thursday the 1st of November Micah Liverpool held a foodbank pantry session at St Brides church from 12.30 until 2.30. We were able to provide food parcels for 233 people in the space of two hours. This is not a boast, although I am pleased that we were able to feed the people that needed the support. But more of a clear indication that foodbank numbers are still on the rise, After 18 months of working in the world of emergency food aid it still shocks me at the amount of people who use our service.


Whenever I am asked about the food aid work that Micah Liverpool does I always say “ it’s sad that we have to support these people, but it’s good that we can” . The reason we can support the people we do is down to Liverpool Cathedral, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King and St Brides Church as well as the many people/Charites/churches/business/schools who offer donations both of food and money. Also we couldn’t do what we do without our amazing team of volunteers who give up their time to work in very cold churches packing bags, writing vouchers, registering people and offering emotional support to people.


If I was asked today about the food aid work that Micah does I think I would have to amend my original statement, firstly the word “sad” doesn’t cut the mustard anymore and secondly the word “good” doesn’t describe how I feel after Micah feeds 233 people in 2 hours. So what are the alternative words I can use when describing Micah Liverpool’s food aid work.


“It’s Horrendous that we have to”. . . .  is it horrendous that according to one of our suppliers,  Fareshare “1.9 Million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry each year in the UK”?


“It’s Heart-breaking that we have to” . . . is it heat-breaking that of those 233 people we gave parcels to on the 1st of November that 27% were children?


“It’s Troubling that we have to” . . . is it troubling that at the beginning of the year we predicted that we would provide 10000 food parcels and as of  25/10/18 we have exceeded that number with the Christmas time of year still to come.


I would say it is Horrendous! it is Heart-breaking! and it is Troubling!


“But it’s Amazing we can” . . . is it Amazing that despite our current economic climate donations continue to come in?


“But it’s Wonderful we can” . . . is it Wonderful that week after week our volunteers show up with donations in their hands and smiles on their faces?


“But it’s Inspiring we can” . . . is it inspiring that those people who care, refuse to let others go hungry?


It is Amazing, it is Wonderful and it is Inspiring !

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