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Call Us Butter, Cos We’re On a Roll!

We had a wonderful visit from Kate who volunteers with Oasis Church Trust, Liverpool this afternoon. She knew that we kneaded bread for our food banks after meeting and chatting to our driver, Matt.

Kate told us she had a car full of bread but we knew we could rise to the challenge of taking, using and giving out the 92 packets of buns and rolls. There was no loafing around this afternoon as the whole team was pulled in to help accept the donation, everyone wanted a slice of the action. You could say, we were on a roll.

The donation was the best thing since sliced bread and will help a significant amount of the guests we expect to see at the St Bride’s pantry tomorrow.
They can have their bread roll and eat it! 

A huge thank you to the team at Oasis Church Trust for rescuing the donation, thinking of us and bringing the food to the Cathedral. It’ll really help us to support our guests tomorrow and make sure people who are in desperate need of food can go away with something.

If you or your organisation would like to donate food to Micah Liverpool’s food banks please contact Paul O’Brien 0151 702 7206

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