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Volunteer Celebration

On Friday the 14th February Micah Liverpool held its quarterly volunteer forum for our food aid volunteers. Some people may know that the 1st ever foodbank that was held 7 years ago by Hope+ took place on 14th February, so seeing as it was an anniversary we decided to make this volunteer forum a celebration of our volunteers.

We were gratefully donated a small amount of money by one of our generous volunteers so we provided tea coffee and pastries and set an agenda for the morning celebration. We heard from Carly our food aid coordinator who thanked our volunteer for the work they do, we had a wonderful talk from Nick Mendez (trustee & volunteer) and we were able to give out 3 long service awards as well as crown our volunteer of the year.

Carly gave thanks for the volunteers and the vital work they have done over the past year and since the inception of the foodbank. Having only been in post less than 1 year herself Carly spoke about her amazement of the commitment and effort our volunteers put in and gave a short anecdote about how welcoming and friendly the people at our foodbanks are.

Nick spoke of all the trials and tribulations our volunteer have gone through over the years, from being moved from church to church, surviving cold winters and food shortages to having to use a winch to access food stored at Liverpool Cathedral. Reminding us of some of the wonderful people who have come through the foodbank and moved on to pastures new including the support from all of those Tsedaqa placements Kate, Emily, Emma, Sam, Felicity, Madeline, Nelson and Jen!  Nick also spoke about the ups and downs our volunteers have had from feeding just 1 person on the first day to feeding over 400 people in one session once. A genuine heart felt speech that documented the weird and wonderful world of foodbanks.

Then we come to the Awards Paul O’Brien was please to give Derek Watmough, Val Rooke and Joan Walters long service awards. Derek, Val and Joan were there at the very 1st foodbank pantry session 7 years ago and have stayed with the foodbank through thick and thin and fully deserve to commended for the volunteering work they have done over the years. From the staff, volunteers & board members who attended the forum we asked for votes for volunteer of the year and we had a runaway winner… Joan Walters was awarded as Micah Liverpools Volunteer of the Year for 2019. Congratulations Joan.

Over all it was a wonderful celebration of our volunteers, I’ve always said it’s a shame that we have to do the work we do but it’s a gift that we can do it! Our volunteers make what we do possible with out them I just don’t know what we would do?

Thank you!

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  1. It was a lovely session, well done y’all. Proud to be a small part of Micah Liverpool. Lovely to see an acknowledgement of 7 years service, but at the same time tragic that this work is still needed, more than ever.

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