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Volunteers Week 2018 is here!

We’ve been very busy with our volunteers this week.

IMG_1470Our volunteer programme has been recruiting another cohort who will be appearing around the cathedral and food banks from next week as they start a 9 week journey to help them move closer to employment. We’ve seen time and time again the benefit that volunteering can have on someone’s readiness for work. By easing them back into a regular routine which involves needing to be at a certain place at a certain time has helped people regain confidence in leaving the house, coming to do voluntary work and, most importantly, has helped them regain confence in themselves.

Our volunteers IMG_1419will now be working with the Cathedral’s café, verger team and welcomers as well as Micah Liverpool’s food bank and community market.

We’re also working with the volunteers to improve their CVs, job searching routine and job application processes through our Recruitability education package. Most recently, Executive Director Paul O’Brien shared his 12 years of employability Volunteer Welcomer (2)experience around interview techniques ahead of the volunteers’ mock interviews in 2 weeks.

Aside from the volunteer programme we’re eternally grateful to the volunteers who make sure our food bank pantry sessions can run at St Vincent de Paul church and St Bride’s church each week. Our Tuesday pantry at St Vincent’s has seen a surge in numbers recently and the volunteers who are there week in week out have handled the extra pressure impeccably. On the flip side of things we’ve seen a little bit MRL_0800of a quieter period at St Bride’s over the last few weeks, something that our volunteers certainly won’t be taking for granted – it’s probably just the calm before the storm!

Our community market has been open on Mondays (except Bank Holiday Mondays) since the end of April at St Michael’s in the City church on Upper Pitt Street. That is another aspect of Micah LiverpMRL_3517ool’s work that is predominantly run by volunteers. We have seen a steady increase in customers since we opened and we hope that it will continue to grow with our addition of a lunch option in our community café. Working with Faiths4Change we have been able to put a chef in our kitchen, Rosie, who takes some of the items we’ve received in our FareShare donation and rustles up something delicious. So far we’ve had a mind blowing Pea and Potato Curry and Raspberry Flapjacks and we can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.


If you’d like to get involved with Micah Liverpool as a volunteer or if you just want to know a bit more about what we do then please contact Paul O’Brien



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